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Shawn Johnston

Founder & Lead Strategist

A 22 year survivor of the design industry, Shawn is the Founder and Principal of Forge and Smith. He plays a variety of roles from client rep to sales person, project manager to chief bottle washer.

Troy Kelly

Operations Director & Partner

Troy coins himself a jack-of-all-trades, particularly when it comes managing all the parts that make up a website. When he’s not rocking WordPress sites, he’s waxing his board and expanding his small business of crafting Puka shell necklaces.

Pam Berg

Digital Strategy Manager

With backgrounds in journalism, computer forensics, and public libraries, Pam wound up with the ideal combination of curiosity and communication skills for a digital strategist. She’s a master of content writing, particularly deep articles that boost SEO. Her Instagram feed is equal parts horses, waffles, and drag queens.

Sean Stobo

Lead Front End Developer

Sean is a developer living in beautiful Pemberton. When he gets away from the keyboard he can be found mountain biking, skiing and exploring the BC wilderness. His passion for computers is only eclipsed by his love of the outdoors.

Oscar Santiago

QA Manager

Oscar is a versatile and experienced digital project manager, which makes sense since his favourite thing to do is watch The Flash with his sons. When he’s not helping our clients get to the finish line, he’s training and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions. Watch out!

Adele Davidson

QA Specialist

Adele is a QA Coordinator with a background in digital marketing and web development. Outside of work, she can usually be found at the gym or cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

Matt Stobo

Art Director

Matt is our design slayer, who crafts user-friendly interfaces that command people’s attention. His ability to meld colours, typography and style allows sites to shine and brands to pop, leaving a memorable impression.

Lizzie Scott

Web Designer

Lizzie is a UI/UX designer with a diverse background in design, digital marketing and communications. When she’s not designing, you’ll likely find her at the beach or in the trees, always equipped with coffee and a camera.

Braeden Matson-Jones

Sr. Digital Strategist

Braeden is a technical SEO & paid strategist with a love of creating measurable strategy and finding insights. When not buried deep in a spreadsheet, you can find him at the gym, learning something new, or playing drums in the forest.

Sarah Nachia

SEO Specialist

Sarah is what you call a chameleon in design. She takes on all forms, a natural problem-solver conquering challenges along the way, and an advocate for self-development. She’s known for going past the limit to achieve her fullest potential, with a winning attitude. Apart from being a young grasshopper as an SEO specialist, you will most likely find her curating the best Spotify playlists, a Masterchef of UberEats, training in boxing, and a Formula 1 enthusiast.

Meg Gravesdale

Content Specialist

A film minor with a theatre major in college, Meg has a true love of stories and how we tell them. When she’s not crafting people’s excited thoughts into clear visions and integrating them into WordPress, she’s probably rollerskating on the seawall or walking her dog along Sunshine Coast beaches.

Andrea Iñurria

Content Specialist

Born visual narrator, Andrea uses digital marketing to share the stories she believes in. She takes populating a client’s website very seriously; when she is not obsessing over the perfect pic for a website, she can be found talking with her furry son Ander the Pug, hiking, and/or enjoying a pale ale. An enthusiastic, lifelong commercial photographer, Andrea frequently drools over all the delicious food waiting for her to immortalize it with her camera.

Cameron Lindsay

Web Developer

Cameron thinks coding is fun, and his friends and family hope against hope that one day he’ll come to his senses. He has a wife and a dog, drinks a lot of coffee and loves Manilla Road.

Vanessa Bertoletti

Web Developer

Vanessa is a passionate web developer with a background in international trade. Vanessa has a strong sense of ethics and a driven, results-oriented personality. When she’s not debugging, she spends time traveling, watching cat videos and dying her hair crazy colours.

Tim Waugh

Web Developer

Tim is a former touring musician who made the switch to learning code after realizing how neat it is. He is interested in learning all things programming and always has projects on the go. Tim is super into playing drums, hockey (Go Yotes), Crowbar riffs, and drinking coffee.

Chloé Bosquin

Front End Developer

Chloé is a very curious person, which is reflected in her professional background and her personal life. She studied literature, communications, and business before enrolling in the training that led her to become a web developer. When not working, she loves to saw, paint, dance salsa, learn a new language, or drive fast cars. The world is full of wonders! And Chloé finds it hard to resist the temptation to go out and explore.

Gabriel Dias

Front End Developer

Gabriel is from Brazil, and he has been an athlete since a young age. He was a tennis competitor until graduating in college D1 as a student athlete, while majoring in Business Administration. If you don’t see him in front of the screen coding or playing games, he is probably outdoors living the athlete lifestyle.

Amelia Sun

Front End Developer

Amelia is a web developer based in Vancouver who loves making beautiful and user-friendly websites. When she’s not working on web projects, she can be found in the Harbour Dance Centre dancing with friends, doing workouts, playing video games and exploring the great outdoors.


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