Content Strategy

Effective content strategy takes your audience’s needs and your business goals, and weaves them together into a plan that specifically covers ideating, creating, and managing content to fulfill those needs and goals.

In the same way that your sitemap and content prototypes inform web design, content strategy informs and structures your digital marketing.

Content strategy is intertwined into every step of our web design projects, particularly the initial research and data analysis. In order for your website to perform well, it needs to satisfy certain goals. Identifying your content needs early on and building a solid strategy is the key to success.

A good content strategy is blended seamlessly with user experience (UX) design. It helps visitors quickly and effortlessly find the right content at the right time to guide their journey.

In our advisory role during design projects, we’re not afraid to tell clients about content that’s underperforming or content gaps. If you’re trusting us to build you a website that will drive leads and sales, we need to help you assemble the content that will get it there.

Whether your business needs to showcase your work and clientele for people researching your services, to provide barrier-free access to a complex network of resources, or to help people shop for products related to blog posts — content strategy can help.

Content strategy in action

The first deliverables that our clients receive after a project kickoff are directly related to content strategy. We use Google Analytics, SEO tools, and competitor research to assess a website’s content, create a set of strategic recommendations, and plot the sitemap. We also provide monthly content strategy recommendations to our clients who retain us for ongoing digital strategy support.