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NEWS Turkey’s Ministry of Culture opens Istanbul's Hyde Park

14 Jan 2023

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is opening the Istanbul Rami Barracks, the most extensive library in Turkey. The library, which will serve an indoor area of 36 thousand square meters, which President Erdogan will inaugurate, also has a national garden of 51 thousand square meters, which is similar to Central Park and Hyde Park.

The library of Rami barracks which includes a baby and children's library, a digital library, a youth library, a specialised library with independent study and adult library, reading rooms, 24-hour units for groups and individual study rooms with book and non-book materials and digital resources as well as a place for disabled. The central area of the Rami Istanbul Library was organised as the People's Garden (as promised earlier in election campaigns by AK Party). Also, citizens will be able to use lecture halls, reading areas, stages, children's playgrounds, a free activity zone, co-working areas, exhibition areas, and a walking and cycling path here.


There are also Beyazıt State Library service units and warehouses, Compilation Directorate service areas and living areas (mosque, mosque and child care room, etc.) in the Rami Barracks campus. Under the leadership of the Turkish Historical Society and the Atatürk Scientific Council, the Atatürk Research Specialized library and repair (healing) sections with live viewing of manuscripts were also designed. Stating that the library will be the library that receives the most visitors in Turkey, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said, “It will serve 24/7. People won't come just to the library. We are bringing a new lifestyle to Rami. We are building such a beautiful garden that it will have a natural appearance like Central Park and Hyde Park abroad.”

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, made examinations at the Rami Barracks Library yesterday. Then the General Coordinator of the Rami Library, Osman Zorlu and the managers gave information to the press. Zorlu stated that the library ranks among the top 3 in the world and said, “We have started the necessary works to be included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List to protect this artefact. I would like to express that we will also take our library to the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List in order to entrust it both to our nation and humanity.”

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