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Where To Find Ottoman Houses in Istanbul

Do not underestimate the cultural importance of Ottoman houses in Istanbul. Rarely mentioned in travel guides, and often overshadowed by the historic Sultanahmet district, containing the famous Blue[...]

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Traditional Turkish Houses and Their Iconic Status

Over the last twenty years, Turkey has reinvented its real estate market. Modern housing now caters for all aspects of a fast-paced, technology hooked lifestyle. One unexpected turn of events[...]

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Istanbul Housing Styles Over the Years

Housing styles of Istanbul are a fascinating insight, not only into Turkey’s largest city but how architectural trends and external influences can affect an urban landscape. Long-time visitors[...]

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The Istanbul Canal Project: Bypassing the Bosphorus Straits

The 28-mile Istanbul Canal project is an ambitious endeavour by the Turkish government to build a new shipping route. The artificial waterway will link the Black and Marmara seas and create a new[...]

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Bosphorus Mansions: Turkey’s Luxury Villas for the Super Rich

The Bosphorus mansions are Turkey’s crème de la crème of real estate. Also, called yali houses, these luxury villas in Istanbul are worth more than the average person will earn in[...]

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Tallest Buildings in Istanbul

City skylines say much about people who inhabit them, and Istanbul's tallest buildings are no exception. Standing out among the Ottoman empire remnants like minarets of mosques, bridges, and[...]

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The Revival of Traditional Turkish Art and Painters Who Left a Legacy

Traditional Turkish art is a perfect collection of the country’s creative journey over many centuries. Whether portraying real life, landscapes, people or abstract patterns, the skills involved[...]

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Architectural Styles to Spot When House Hunting in Bodrum

Bodrum, often called the Saint Tropez of Turkey is a holidaymaker’s dream. Selling a hedonistic lifestyle, seen no-where else in the country, white sugar cube houses dotted around the hillsides[...]

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Old Turkish Houses with a Touch of Nostalgia

The highly unique architectural styles of old Turkish houses have earned them a respected place in the country’s history books. Telling age-old stories of cultural trends, community lifestyles,[...]

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Famous Architecture in Turkey

One reason travelling around Turkey is not only fun but also educational, is the assorted styles of architecture throughout the country. The diversity is mind-boggling from the whitewashed houses of[...]

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