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Kemer-Antalya in Turkey – The City of Tourism, Nature and Culture

For an unforgettable place to buy a holiday home, look no further than Kemer-Antalya in Turkey. Famed for beautiful nature spots, luxury hotels, fascinating sights and fine beaches, Kemer of Antalya[...]

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How to Overcome Language Barriers in Turkey

By far, one of the most common questions people ask us is how to overcome language barriers in Turkey. Knowing spoken languages is a great skill in this multicultural world as more people move around[...]

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Why the Turkish Culture and Lifestyle Appeals to Everyone

Almost every foreigner we know is intensely curious about Turkish culture when visiting Turkey. Of course, much like any destination, the culture is different in urban areas compared to rural[...]

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National Symbols of Turkey

Altogether, the national symbols of Turkey present a country so diverse and intriguing that they spark the interest of everyone around the world. Like any other country, Turkey's national symbols[...]

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Why Is The Tulip The Symbol Of Turkey?

Many first-time visitors are often surprised to learn that the humble but beautiful tulip flower is the symbol of Turkey. Usually associating tulips with Holland, they never realised the flower[...]

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Public Holidays in Turkey for 2022 to Mark On Your Calendar

When it comes to public holidays in Turkey, be sure to put the following dates in your diary. While some will not affect you, others will, because banks and supermarkets shut. Additionally, you might[...]

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Ottoman Landmarks In Turkey That Showcase Their Rise And Fall

The long list of Ottoman landmarks in Turkey is a perfect introduction to an empire that was the most powerful in the world at one stage in history. Ruling for more than 600 years, their empire[...]

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Historical Places In Istanbul: Tourist Attractions Of Turkey's Iconic City

When deciding which historical places in Istanbul are the best to visit, get ready for an avalanche of choices. Covering the Asian and European sides, there is a historical story to tell on every[...]

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Ottoman Palaces To Visit In Istanbul That Portray Turkey's Colourful History

Istanbul's grand and beautiful Ottoman palaces are an excellent place to learn all about Turkey's colourful historical timeline. Visiting these beautiful, grand residences highlights how this[...]

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Mount Nemrut (Nemrut Dagi) in Turkey: Is it Worth Visiting?

For well-preserved monuments and ruins, Mount Nemrut in Turkey steps up to the podium as spectacular. Also called Nemrut Dagi in Turkish, archaeological work on the old structures has unveiled large[...]

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