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Why Buy A Property In Alanya In 2022?

To buy a property in Alanya is to tap into Mediterranean Turkey’s emerging regions. South coast Alanya now matches the larger Antalya city as a major player, not only for foreign real estate[...]

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Buying Property in Alanya, Turkey: A House Hunters Guide

If you are thinking of buying property in Alanya, Turkey, congratulations on making a wise choice. As one of Turkey’s growing stars, the future looks bright for the town, not only in terms of[...]

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Living in Alanya: Why Foreigners Love This Mediterranean Hub

For thousands of expats living in Alanya, life is as exactly as it should be. Peaceful, serene, minimal maintenance and with bundles of sunshine for 300 days of the year. Alanya, on Turkey’s[...]

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Homes in Alanya for a Beachfront lifestyle

Anyone seeking a beach-side lifestyle in Turkey will find a delightful range of homes in Alanya that enable them to do just that. The growing reputation of the Mediterranean hub is appealing to[...]

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Districts of Alanya: Where to Invest In Real Estate

To prove its vast size and dominant position on the Mediterranean coast, there are over 100 districts of Alanya for real estate investors and house buyers to choose from. Make no mistake. The region[...]

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A Brief Guide To Alanya

It's easy to see why so many holidaymakers and property hunters head for Alanya. Basking in more than 300 sunny days a year and boasting a fine blend of ancient charm and modern facilities, the[...]

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The Best Beaches in Alanya for Sun, Sea, and Sand

Alanya, a bustling coastal resort of the Turkey, has a hard-core army of fans who flock there every year for relaxing and happy holidays. Reasons why include delicious food, a lively nightlife scene[...]

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Popular Places to Visit around Alanya in Turkey

Bustling Alanya on the outskirts of the Antalya region has slowly built up a loyal fan base of admiring holidaymakers who return year after year. Investors and expats looking to cash in on the[...]

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